Roger Stilson – Owner, Mama Stortinis Restaurant

The contacts we have made from the Kent Chamber of Commerce have not only benefited us financially, but the word of mouth referral for our business has helped position us to receive awards, recognition and credibility.

Mike Miller – Valley Bank of Kent Chamber

The Kent business community is one of the most dynamic in the State of Washington. With over 1,800 businesses with sales of $500,000 to $50 Million and over 70,000 workers, the Kent commercial base is equal to both Auburn and Renton combined. The Kent Chamber of Commerce is doing a great job of representing the various interests in our business community with the City of Kent, King County and the State of Washington. That is why every business in Kent should be a member of the Kent Chamber of Commerce!

Bill Morrow –

Membership in this great organization has provided my business with excellent educational and networking opportunities. The friendships formed and business connections gained are priceless. I have found the Chamber staff, and other business owners to be warm and highly supportive. I truly love the Kent Chamber of Commerce!

Christina Palstring – Pegasus Northwest

As a younger professional the Chamber has given me a better perspective of how important it is to get involved and discuss the issues that we are seeing all over Kent, not just in our office of business. Education, Transportation and taxes affect all aspects of what we do and it is nice to know that I have the Kent Chamber as a resource on anything I have questions on. I also know that they will advocate for me when it makes business sense. My experience with the Kent Chamber and networking has proven to be priceless for the two years Pegasus NW have been members.

Lisa Voso – The Voso Impact

My membership with the Kent Chamber has resulted in increased exposure for my business and to learn from other business owners through the ongoing marketing events and other educational seminars.

Sean Runnels – Director of Sales, Seattle Thunderbirds Hockey

I learned new ideas and gained a fresh perspective on how to grow my business.

Polly Shepherd – Publisher/Regional Manager, Kent Reporter

The networking opportunities are endless. Meeting new members and having the opportunity for continued education through their ongoing seminars has been very rewarding.

Amy Hatcher – Cafe Pacific Catering, Inc.

Since becoming an active member in the Kent Chamber I have been amazed at the amount of referrals from other members through the numerous Chamber events created to get to know and work with other people in the business community. Maintaining a membership has been a fantastic vehicle to become [known] to local businesses and to get involved in worthwhile community events; all while having a great time! The annual membership fee has always more than paid for itself. I have owned and operated my business with my husband and partner, John Hatcher, for twenty years now; and one of the reasons we continue to grow is because of our membership in the Kent Chamber of Commerce.

Greg Haffner – Curran Law Firm

I’ve met some great people and clients through the Chamber, but most of all I’m impressed with how well the Chamber has worked with the City of Kent on behalf of its members to make Kent a business-friendly city.

Marti Reeder – John L. Scott Real Estate

I love being a member of the Kent Chamber! Their support of small business owners in particular is so valuable. Through their seminars, networking and the Business Expo, I have learned the Chamber plays a critical role in my business plan. Give us a try – get involved – there’s something for everyone! The more you’re involved, the better chance your membership pays for itself many times over. Perhaps it should be the next important step in YOUR business plan!