Certificate of Origin:

Chambers of Commerce have traditionally issued certificates of origin on behalf of U.S. exporters who are required to provide assurances to foreign buyers that the goods they are purchasing originated in the United States.

Some chambers review as many documents as they can in order to make a reasonable determination that the goods did originate in the United States before issuing a certificate.  Here at the Kent Chamber of Commerce we require the following; manufacturer’s invoices, shipper’s affidavits and other documents which may indicate the origin of the goods.  We also require the following verbiage to appear on all certificates of origin:

The Kent Chamber of Commerce states that, based solely on the above exporter’s affidavit, the Chamber believes that the goods described in the above affidavit are products of the United States of America.  The Chamber assumes no responsibility beyond obtaining the sworn statements in the above affidavit.  It makes no warranty, expressed or implied, concerning the goods, affidavit, or any documents relating thereto, and assumes no responsibility for the truth or accuracy of any statements contained in said affidavit or any of the documents mentioned herein.

Each Certificate of Origin is free for members and $75 for non-members.

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