About the Kent Community Foundation

The Kent Community Foundation was founded in 1986 to support education and the cultural arts in the greater Kent area, including Covington. Originally a part of the Kent Chamber of Commerce, the Foundation became an affiliate non-profit charitable organization of the Kent Chamber in 1993. The Foundation now serves as a conduit for tax-deductible contributions from businesses and individuals for arts, education, and scholarships.

Over 97% of your contributions go directly to the recipients of our grants and scholarships for arts and education within the greater Kent area. Administrative costs are minimized because the Foundation is managed by volunteer board members and by using in-kind contributions from local businesses. Of the total, about 80% of our donations come from designated contributions through the United Way Giving Program. The remaining 20% are direct gifts from Friends of the Foundation. Kent has grown significantly in the last decade, so there is an increasing demand for funding. At the present time, less than half the requests are funded.

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Congratulations to the 2020 Scholarship Winner!

Kent Community Foundation

Additional Information

For additional information please call Brenda Farwell, President: 206-786-1546 or email us online.