Chamber Mission Statement

The premier organization in South King County ensuring a healthy, vibrant business community.

Chamber Vision Statement

The City of Kent enjoys a vibrant sense of community. It is a place where local government, private citizens and businesses are partners working together to provide innovative solutions for the challenges facing the city as it grows. If you are not a member of the Kent Chamber of Commerce you are missing the opportunity to partner with some of the most influential businesses in the community!

Make that call and become part of an organization that takes every opportunity to share resources, information and network all types of businesses. In today’s business environment, it is imperative that the Chamber represents and protects your business by working hard to support every aspect of doing business in the Kent Valley. Join together with our Chamber’s founding fathers and celebrate the freedom and honor of living and doing business in Kent since our beginnings in the year of 1948.

Like many of the cities across the United States, our community has weathered challenging economic times, and yet we remain steadfast in our determination to move positively toward a better future. The Kent Chamber is the voice and ears of the community, responsive to its ever changing needs and concerns. We currently have over 450 member companies representing nearly 26,000 employees, and an annual operating budget of more than $400,000. The Kent Chamber is committed to sharing the physical, cultural and intellectual strengths of our citizens and businesses and transforming those unique qualities into sustainable and positive developments that will benefit our citizens as we FIND IT IN KENT.

The Kent Chamber of Commerce is the greatest advocate for businesses in the community. We have been a leader in the region supporting businesses with regards to emergency preparedness by holding meetings and being a conduit for information to Kent businesses and residents. Our Government Affairs team has fought for transportation infrastructure repairs to alleviate traffic congestion and provide freight mobility. We support economic efforts designed to strengthen and expand the Kent community with programs of a civic, social and cultural nature that are designed to increase the functional value of the community.

At the Kent Chamber of Commerce, we bring the business community together in dynamic, profitable ways. Whether members are networking with one another, learning marketing tips, immersing themselves in issues that impact business, or tapping into an array of educational services, we give local business owners the tools to help them thrive.

We encourage you to get involved today. Committees are a key component of the Kent Chamber of Commerce. They are comprised of Chamber members and are formed to address specific issues or interest areas. They are also one of the best ways for our members to become actively involved in policy development around a variety of issues. It is this type of grassroots involvement that sets a Chamber of Commerce apart from other organizations which claim to represent business but, in effect, only reflect the views of a small group of individuals. Without the vibrant and open committee structure in place at the Kent Chamber of Commerce the Chamber would cease to be an effective voice for business.

When members of the community have a problem and don’t know what to do, they call their local chamber, and the Kent Chamber receives thousands of those calls each year.

It takes resources and personnel to ensure that the quality of life continues, and you can assist the Chamber and community by remaining a current member or becoming a new member.

Additional Information

For additional information please call (253) 854-1770 or email us online.