Julie Lovely Walden – Advance Marking & Sign

“I have been a member of the chamber for a couple of months. Signing up was really easy and I have already gained some business as a benefit! The chamber was so gracious to trust me with their awards for the gala they had in May. Zenovia has also referred business to me with another member as well! A couple other things I have also enjoyed is that they have the new member highlight on the newsletter and you can click on the new members business name and it takes you right to their web site. I also feel very well informed on upcoming events and opportunities to get involved, which can also lead to more business and referrals. I cannot express how valuable my membership with Kent Chamber is to me. Our business is local and family run. Referrals are how I receive most of my business, so I am very grateful that is just as important to them as it is to me”.

Thank you Kent Chamber for having me in your organization!