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The premier organization in South King County ensuring a healthy, vibrant business community.

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Kent is the sixth largest city in Washington with a population of 119,100. A culturally rich destination, Kent features captivating neighborhoods, award-winning parks, exceptional school districts and nationally accredited police and fire departments. In recent years, Kent has experienced impressive economic growth, and is nationally known as a prime location for manufacturing.

At the Kent Chamber of Commerce, we bring the business community together in dynamic, profitable ways. Whether members are networking with one another, learning marketing tips, immersing themselves in issues that impact business, or tapping into an array of educational services, we give local business owners the tools to help them thrive. When members of the community have a problem and don’t know what to do, they call their local chamber, and the Kent Chamber receives thousands of those calls each year.

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Kent Chamber of Commerce Unity Statement

We are Kent, Washington

 For generations, people from every walk of life and ethnic group have called Kent, Washington home.  And for good reason: from the stockyard to the back yard, the church pew to the avenue, this is the crossroads of America – – an authentic place for community, culture and commerce – – where each generation of residents has created a better life for the ones that follow.

Today, Kent, Washington represents a rich tapestry of many cultures, all bound by a strong sense of pride in one community, respect for one another, and resilient support of our richly diverse community.  It is a place of amazing juxtaposition.   As we look to the future, it is filled with brightness that blends commerce and creativity, culture and community.  We invite you to our community to experience our progressive energy as we take ownership of our future.  Stand alongside us, and together we will fulfill our quest for the American Dream.

We are Kent, Washington.

We are many cultures, one warm welcome.

The majority of this statement was put together in a community collaborative process for the City of Kent’s branding statements.  We are Kent: Bringing the World Home.

Kent Chamber of Commerce
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Let us extend to you our appreciation of your commitment to our community. We value your business and are looking forward to being ‘Partners in Progress.’

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Our sole purpose is to develop, promote, and facilitate an environment in which the area business community can grow and prosper.

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At the Kent Chamber of Commerce, we bring the business community together in dynamic, profitable ways.

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