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Kent Chamber of Commerce

The premier organization in South King County ensuring a healthy, vibrant business community.

Kent Washington Chamber of Commerce

Kent is the sixth largest city in Washington with a population of 119,100. A culturally rich destination, Kent features captivating neighborhoods, award-winning parks, exceptional school districts and nationally accredited police and fire departments. In recent years, Kent has experienced impressive economic growth, and is nationally known as a prime location for manufacturing.

At the Kent Chamber of Commerce, we bring the business community together in dynamic, profitable ways. Whether members are networking with one another, learning marketing tips, immersing themselves in issues that impact business, or tapping into an array of educational services, we give local business owners the tools to help them thrive. When members of the community have a problem and don’t know what to do, they call their local chamber, and the Kent Chamber receives thousands of those calls each year.

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2018 Sponsorship Campaign

The 2018 Sponsorship Campaign is a vehicle for the Chamber to showcase our many marketing opportunities.  First, it is a way for our members to see the breadth of opportunities available through the Chamber and cherry-pick the programs that are most profitable for your business.  Second, it allows the Chamber staff to focus on programming and providing services throughout the year.  Third, it allows our Chamber to effectively plan and strategize for the upcoming year.

Will my business be able to get sponsorships throughout 2018?

Yes, depending on availability.  While some members choose to wait on sponsorships, it is at your own risk of missing out on the opportunities that best suit your business.  Our goal is to fill all the 2018 sponsorship and marketing opportunities before 2017 ends.  Odds are the sponsorships you will want later will be sold now.  Making your choices early also allows you to prepare for the expense and maximize your recognition.  If we introduce any new programming or services, those sponsorships may become available as well.

How do I know what sponsorships are available?

Two ways: contact any Chamber staff member with your interest OR pick and choose your interest areas in this packet.  We will have packets available at all our upcoming events, on social media, our website and in the E-newsletter.  We will also be mailing this packet to every member.  If you are interested, please call us at the Chamber and we will have someone contact you as soon as possible.


We’re proud to offer a wealth of information and a variety of ways to help your business or organization grow.

Kent Chamber of Commerce

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Let us extend to you our appreciation of your commitment to our community. We value your business and are looking forward to being ‘Partners in Progress.’

Kent Chamber of Commerce

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Our sole purpose is to develop, promote, and facilitate an environment in which the area business community can grow and prosper.

Kent Chamber of Commerce

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At the Kent Chamber of Commerce, we bring the business community together in dynamic, profitable ways.

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Kent Chamber Investors
Kent Chamber Investors
Kent Chamber Investors