The Kent Chamber of Commerce is built on representing and protecting your business by working hard to support every aspect of doing business in the Kent Valley. The chamber is responsive to your ever-changing needs and concerns. With that being said we are sharing with you the following resources, articles, website and more regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus) to help you make informed decisions about your community and how you work and live in the city of Kent. We are grateful for our sister chambers who share the same vision to help keep our communities safe and running.

Health & Wellness Resources

Business Operations Resources

On March 27th, the President signed into law the “Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act” (the CARES Act), the largest economic relief act in our country’s history. The tourism industry in Washington has been devastated by this crisis, but tourism-related businesses can find relief through new or strengthened existing federal programs as a result of this legislation.
Click here for a helpful guide to relief is available to different types of businesses or organizations.
Click here for an explanation of the Small Business Administration Coronavirus Economic Injury Disaster Loans. *Grants of up to $10,000 is available within three days, regardless of approval: A cash advance (grant) of the loan, up to $10,000, can be provided to the borrower upon request. SBA is required to provide the grant within three days of receiving the loan application. The grant is provided regardless of whether the borrower is ultimately approved for the loan and does not have to be repaid.
Click here to learn about Small Business Express Loans. These are for small businesses who need quick a one-time loan for a major expense. Example: A restaurant needs to replace a walk-in refrigerator.
Click here for a guide on the Emergency Stabilization Fund.
Click here to learn about Economic Relief for Airports and Tourism, including Community Development Block Grants.
Here is more information on Business Tax Provisions including payroll tax deferral.
Click here for more information. It is expected that the U.S. Treasury, Small Business Association and other agencies will need some time to fully implement these resources and application features, though it is hoped that most will be operational in the next two weeks.

List of financial resources available to Washington residents impacted by COVID-19.

Unemployment Help
Trouble Paying Credit Cards
Trouble Paying Your Mortgage
Trouble Paying Rent
Student Loans Deferment
Short Term and Emergency Loans
Paying Utilities
Insurance Issues
Avoiding Scams
At Home Financial Education Resources for Students
Additional Resources

List of financial resources available to Washington residents impacted by COVID-19.